Titanic Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland
Titanic Belfast is recognized as one of five signature projects developed to increase tourism to Northern Ireland. This never seen before waterfront regeneration attraction is the island’s largest single concrete pour for its foundation and the historic maritime landmark on the island. Located at the heart of Titanic Quarter and near to the birth place of the legendary Titanic, the iconic titanic signature building was launched in 2012 and welcomed over 800,000 visitors in its first year. Developed to showcase the story of the historical ship, it continues to exhibit Belfast’s social, cultural and economic origins, and captures the rich history of shipbuilding and seafaring in Belfast. The Titanic Belfast is the ultimate Titanic-themed destination you cannot miss.

Our Role

ProFun has been assisting the development of the Titanic Belfast to position the attraction for immediate and long-term success. Scope of work includes operational planning, market research, financial analysis, pre-operational planning and opening assistance. Our efforts were directed to provide a world-class destination experience for all visitors and make Titanic Belfast the unforgettable destination in Northern Ireland.