Suzanne Mubarak Family Park

Cairo, Egypt
Imagine a world of discovery where children can explore their world without limitations –– experimenting, investigating, creating, all the while having fun while learning.

Mixing education with entertainment, the Suzanne Mubarak Family Park sets a high standard of engagement for Egyptian children and their families. The 28 hectares (69 acre) park is located in Cairo’s growing new suburb, El–Tagamoa El–Khames.

Vital to the Park’s success is the belief that fun and learning are essential to developing strong individuals, healthy families, and responsible citizens. The Park will provide an environment where children can use their imagination to have limitless fun. Everything is designed to speak their language.

Core attractions at the Park include The Science Center, aimed at promoting the relevance of science and technology to everyday life; The Arts & Technology Center, where new generations can creatively explore emerging technologies in photography, video, and art; The Nature Center, where families explore the wonders of nature and our environment; and The Safari Area, showcasing a number of bird species and other animals. It’s all part of the hands–on learning strategy for the Park.

Other major attractions include: The Amusement Village, Magic River & Lake, a train ride, various playgrounds, as well as restaurants and retail stores. There’s lots of open space, too. The park, certain to become a sought–after venue for special events, provides a green retreat for visitors from the busy city life of Cairo.

It is a magical place where curious children and their families can create, discover, and learn. We are excited and proud to be a part of this groundbreaking new park in Egypt.

Our Role

While ProFun was selected as the operator of this park because of our knowledge and experience in successfully operating family parks, recent political events in Egypt have caused the Park operning to be suspended. Our team stands ready to manage and operate the family park when the Park's opening is deemed appropriate.