Managing and operating attractions, entertainment centers, visitor centers, and theme parks requires deep industry knowledge, thoughtful planning, and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit. At ProFun, our expert team brings these skills to bear on every project, taking a hands–on approach to managing both start–up and existing operations, providing expert leadership and the necessary resources to make any leisure–time project a success.

Pre-opening Planning

What kind of attractions will pull in visitors and keep them coming back for more? What’s the right price of admission to optimize revenue? What procedures must be implemented to ensure visitor safety? Where do we place merchandise opportunities so that we engage guests when they’re feeling their best? Even where you place bathroom facilities and recycling bins is essential because it’s often the smallest detail that makes the biggest difference.

Thoughtful preparation and attention to every last detail are necessary if you hope to operate efficiently at all times. One of our greatest strengths is the operational input we provide during the pre–opening design phase. We partner with attraction designers and architects to establish a plan that ensures operational efficiency while maximizing emotional impact. During the pre–opening phase we help in the development of all aspects of operations, from planning budgets, operating procedures and marketing strategies to recommending the right mix of attractions.

Ongoing Operations

No matter how good your plan, it doesn’t mean much if you don’t execute. ProFun has a proven track record of expert management and operation of our theme parks and attractions. We’re highly experienced in all aspects of park management, from finance and administration to merchandising and marketing. We take particular care in staffing our operations with energetic go–getters from the local area and equipping them with the skills to deliver exceptional service to our guests. We believe the way you train and treat your employees is directly reflected in the experience guests ultimately have. Because no matter how impressive the facility or how exciting the attractions, it’s everyday human interactions that leave the most enduring impression.
"We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the assistance ProFun Management Group, Inc. provided Autostadt during the pre-opening and opening phases of our project. As our Operational Management Support Team you made certain we were able to successfully open Autostadt with an experienced professional operating staff that provided the high standard of guest service that Volkswagen has come to exemplify. ... Due to your timely help and support and nontheless the excellent team work of ProFun and Autostadt we have been able to effectively open Autostadt and provide the quality service and professionalism for which the project was designed to optimize."

Otto F. Wachs
General Manager, Autostadt

Cornelius Everke
Director of Operations, Autostadt