ProFun has amassed an impressive team of world–class talent in its headquarters in Tustin, California, and in offices around the world. Our team consists of individuals with more than 250 years of experience in operations, planning and marketing and sales for theme parks, resorts, visitor centers and other attractions around the world.

Corporate Team

In addition to setting strategic direction, providing leadership on projects and providing highly skilled resources to meet the operational needs of any leisure–time project, our corporate team also supports our locally based teams that oversee the day–to–day management of each project.
David H. Schmitt

Bradley Merriman
Chief Executive Officer

James H. Higashi
Executive Vice President

Mike Oswald
Chief Operating Officer

L. James Benedick
Senior Vice President

Joel Ward
Senior Vice President

Vice President

Troy Lindquist
Vice President, Marketing

Robert A. Baldwin
Vice President, Sales

Mark Friedrich
Director, Operational Planning

Shaun McKeogh
Director, Human Resources & Training

Steve Lee
Director, General Services

Jami Thomas

International Team

The ProFun international teams manage our many projects around the world. Our international project teams bring years of operational and management experience and deep local knowledge to locations around the globe.

MR ProFun China Team

Ronald Merriman
Managing Director, Planning and Advisory Services

Samantha Yu
Business Development Manager

Joey Zhang
Business Planning Analyst

Eric Yu
Operations Planning Analyst