We are extremely proud of the great reputation we’ve earned in our industry. It’s built on a deep commitment to our guests, our partners and our own high standards. While every project is different, we approach each of them the same way – with an emphasis on five core values.

Visitors First

At ProFun, our first and last commitment is to the thousands of guests who visit the entertainment attractions we operate and manage. We understand that no project can be successful without first delivering a safe, quality experience for visitors, one that places a premium on guest courtesy and outstanding service. Learn More >

Smart Management

Delivering a compelling visitor experience takes both foresight and ongoing attention to detail. We begin by working with the very best designers, providing invaluable operational input into the design phase, to make sure every project is well positioned to flourish. And we back up intelligent planning with years and years of experience in the ongoing management and operation of entertainment attractions around the world. Learn More >

International Focus

Our projects have taken us all over the world and helped us identify with local cultures. We work hard to understand the needs and sensitivities of the markets in which we operate to create the best possible experience for our guests. We tap the very best local talent and plan our operations with the local community in mind, because we know what works in Durban might not work in Abu Dhabi. Learn More >

Strong Partnership

Success in our industry is dependent on effective collaboration. Every project is complicated and full of moving parts. We pride ourselves in cultivating close relationships with all of our partners, from the world-class designers and architects that help craft a vision to the service organizations and energetic local staff that make the vision a reality. Learn More >

Independent Spirit

At ProFun, we enjoy what we do and instill a vigorous entrepreneurial spirit in all our work. Every project – whether a startup or ongoing operation – benefits from that kind of enthusiasm, independent thinking and devotion. The business of entertainment is dynamic and changing, and we find success is more certain when you’re able to adapt to realities of the marketplace and capitalize quickly on emerging opportunities. Learn More >
"Driving profit is essential, but you'll never realize it if you don't first provide visitors a safe, memorable experience."

Dave Schmitt
Chairman & CEO, ProFun