New York Wheel

Staten Island, New York

The New York Wheel  is a giant observation wheel currently under construction on the north shore of Staten Island adjacent to the St. George Ferry Terminal. The Wheel will be approximately 630 feet in height, and will contain 36 capsules that can accommodate up to 40 visitors per capsule.

The Wheel will offer dramatic views of New York harbor and the New York City skyline. In addition to the Wheel, the project includes a light show, a 68,000 square foot  terminal building, and a 950 space parking garage. 

Our Role

ProFun has been involved since 2015 by providing operational assistance during the conceptual and detail planning phases of the Wheel. As the project continues, ProFun has been instrumental in all aspects of the development of pre-opening activities. This includes overseeing day-to-day operations, establishing standard operating procedures, recruiting and hiring staff, and ensuring operational readiness for all aspects of the Wheel. 

It was recently announced that ProFun will be the operations management company when the Wheel opens. ProFun will provide general management to the attraction and be responsible for marketing, operations, finance, and other daily operational activities.