We’re not only an independent company, we are independent–minded. We approach every project with fresh thinking rooted in years of experience but not beholden to rigid doctrines or restrictive standards. We are one of the few global operators of entertainment attractions not dominated by a singular brand. It allows us to be much more flexible and far more attentive to the needs of the visitor rather than the demands of the brand itself.

That doesn’t mean we don’t understand or underestimate the potency of big branded–entertainment. We are devoted to building compelling brand experiences in all our operations. We’ve worked with all manner of major brands — from Warner Bros. to Volkswagen — and genuinely appreciate the impact a powerful theme and relentless attention to detail has on the visitor experience.

Yet, in our operations, we’re able to bring an entrepreneurial spirit that helps us act fast, adapt quickly and capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace. We follow trends and study every last detail of our ongoing operations to find improvements and mitigate problems. It’s our independent streak that makes our deep commitment — to our guests and our partners — possible.