Changbai Mountain Culture and Creative Industry Park Complex

Changbai, China
ProFun is excited to be involved in the development of a new leisure and cultural destination experience located at the base of Changbai Mountain, one of the most famous scenic landmarks in China. The Changbai Mountain Culture and Creative Industry Park Complex will be located in Jinlin Province and will highlight the launch of the Chinese National Geography Center (CNG) Experience. This development will provide guests with a year-round CNG themed experience and will feature a one-of-a-kind mix of entertainment, education, and guest service amenities. Entertainment attractions include outdoor and indoor sports areas, interactive exhibits and attractions, a unique multi-dimensional theater that will showcase a never before seen presentation on the history and cultural significance of Changbai Mountain, as well as CNG themed merchandise shop and dining experience.

Our Role

ProFun is responsible for developing the operational planning requirements for this new attraction as well as the development of the business plan. ProFun will provide staff and resources to address all aspects of pre-opening design, implementation and operations programming. These include marketing, ticket pricing and packaging, entertainment programming, food and beverage, merchandising, and human resources.