Bradley Merriman | Chief Executive Officer

With a background in strategic planning and development in the financial sector, Brad brings a fresh approach to problem solving to ProFun Management Group’s successful projects. Brad’s dual roles as CEO of ProFun and Principal of Management Resources affords him a leadership role in the business and strategic planning practice as well as primary advisor to the new development teams, enhancing business practices, improving financial performance, developing re–positioning and turnaround strategies, and analyzing expansion initiatives for a broad range of clients.

His experience includes assisting clients ranging from international governments to major media companies in locations that circle the globe. Formerly president and managing partner of a private firm, he has personal experience in taking a preliminary business concept, developing a business plan, executing the plan and turning it into a successful business, and ultimately exiting successfully – both in terms of return on investment and leaving behind a viable company.

As past Chairman of the Thea Awards Committee, Brad has held a variety of committee and regional board positions and been an active member of the TEA for over ten years.