Magic World Russia

Posted on July 22nd, 2011

ProFun Management Group joins Gary Goddard Entertainment Design and Brand Studios in Magic World Russia's consortium of California based companies organized by Moschanko Investment Group's CEO Gennady Moshkovich. The Magic World Russia project will encompass over 600 acres and be comprised of multiple theme park concepts as well as hotels, retail, dining and entertainment venues.

"Everyone involved with Magic World Russia is committed to creating a magical experience for kids and their families as well as a unique, world class resort, which is why we have successfully presented the project to the Russian business community and government agencies. We have also been able to bring together a consortium of world class companies from California representing leaders in their respective theme park specialities," said Moshkovich. "It is truly a gift for the children of Russia, but also a gift that the world will be able to share with them".

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