Badaling Great Wall of China

Beijing, China
ProFun is involved in planning for the visitor experience at the Great Wall of China, one of the world’s greatest wonders. This dramatic project will expand and improve the existing Great Wall experience at Badaling, approximately 50 miles from Beijing, creating a world-class, must-see entertainment experience. Guests can explore and experience the ancient Chadao Village, once the home for soldiers who manned and protected the Great Wall and one of the many features that highlights the rich cultural importance, historical significance and architectural grandeur of the Great Wall. Finally, a nighttime spectacular show featuring live actors, mist screens, special effect projections, lasers and fireworks, will bring the Great Wall to life and leave guests with an amazing memory of this true wonder of the world.

Our Role

ProFun plays a pivotal role in the development of a multi-phase visitor experience for this project. ProFun is responsible for providing strategic planning to address the pre-opening design, implementation, and operations programming.