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ProFun Management Group brings more than 250 years of shared experience and an independent spirit to the management and operation of theme parks, entertainment centers, visitor centers, attractions and other leisure-time projects. Our work has taken us all over the world, exposed us to diverse cultures and challenged us to deliver unique experiences for the people who visit our attractions year after year.

We are always looking for opportunities that will test us in new ways and create new experiences to delight our visitors. Be it an idea just getting off the ground or an existing park in need of new direction, you need a theme park operator for a large indoor branded theme park in Abu Dhabi or a family water park in Florida, ProFun is committed to delivering big time entertainment on a human scale all over the world.

ProFun Management Group

210 West Main Street, Suite 201
Tustin CA 92780-7703 USA
Phone: +1 714.832.5551